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Who are we?

Sempatap's products have existed for more than 30 years.

Sempatap is an Alsace-based company that manufactures and sells products in France, throughout Europe and around the world.

Our distributors are wholesalers specialized in wall coverings, wallpaper and paint.

A few milestones in the history of our brand:

1979: at the Texunion company an idea emerged to exploit a Swiss surface application line located in Sempach. The goal was to produce a versatile wall covering as easy to hang as wallpaper. Sempatap was born from a merger between “Sempach” and “Tapeten”, the German word for wallpaper.

1983: creation of SEMPATAP sarl:
This company sold the products made on the Swiss surface application line.

1993: Purchase of the Swiss surface application line and reinstallation at Ensisheim in France, with the creation of a manufacturing company named PROTAP sarl.

1998: The two companies merge and combine their activities at the Ensisheim plant. The company takes the name SEMPATAP SA.

Today the Sempatap catalog covers renovation solutions, sound and thermal insulation, even table coverings…

The company employs twenty people at the Ensisheim factory.

Our philosophy is simple: continue to innovate, continue to satisfy our customers.