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Our certifications

For more than 30 years, Sempatap has been an innovator in the development of sound absorption, sound insulation, renovation and thermal insulation products. In 2001, we earned ISO 9001 (2000) certification, now upgraded to version 2008.

Our products are tested, according to their intended use, by specialized laboratories:


EUROFINS has classified "Sempatap 5mm" and "Sempatap 10mm" as A+ for VOC (volatile organic compound) emissions.

Since its creation in 1983, Sempatap has developed its fabrication techniques and know-how to ensure reliable, high-quality products for customers, backed by highly professional service.

Our products meet today's exacting market requirements.

All our sound absorption and insulation products are tested in real conditions of use by an approved laboratory – and notably by the CEBTP building scientific and technical center – in order to confirm that their characteristics meet consumer needs.

As regards fire classifications, all our products are classified according to their intended use. Today they carry the French "M" fire-resistance rating. As they are progressively renewed, products will be tested to obtain a Euroclass fire rating.

The thermal conductivities of our products are measured by the LNE laboratory.